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avoid bad mortgage decisions

The idea of buying a new house can be terrifying if you are a first-time buyer or if you are not experienced with mortgages or home loans. Many people easily fall into some common mortgage mistakes when buying a home for the first time that can come back to haunt them. If you are looking to identify some home loan traps that many fall into, here are some mortgage mistakes to avoid. Considering too much

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Mortgage Broker Benefits

AusFinance has been providing mortgage brokering services to many happy Aussies. To anyone who still has any doubts about why you should get your home loan through a mortgage broker, we would like to give you five solid reasons why a mortgage broker’s services are simply indispensable – no matter what your relationship is like with your bank. 1. Array of Choices Mortgages brokers have access to a panel of lenders and shop around to

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Refinance your home

Be it in Sydney or any other city in Australia, refinancing is the act of using a new loan to pay off an existing loan. The refinanced loan, which might be from the old lender or a new lender, usually offers better interest rates, repayment facilities or is used for consolidating debt. Keep reading for our refinancing tips which could save you years off your home loan. Markets change rapidly and it is difficult for

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