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A mortgage broker is a bridge that connects the borrower/property owner to the money lender/bank/loan organisation. AusFinance home loan experts work directly with both parties; the consumer and the bank to match the borrower’s requirements, individual circumstances and available options to find the right product from different loan providers. A broker interprets what type of loan and which organisation is the best fit from a checklist of a borrower’s needs. The broker then ensures that

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Fix Bad Credit Sydney

Having a bad credit rating is a serious setback for accessing around 90% of products and services in the market – be it in Sydney or any other Australian cities. This is the reason professionals advise to maintain a good credit rating and to improve your ratings if you end up with a bad credit rating score. Many of our clients at AusFinance with a poor credit rating often ask about how to go about

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Home loan misconceptions

Most of our Sydney home loan seekers, like other Aussies, hold some particular myths about home loans engrained in their heads. These myths are depriving them of seeking the benefits of the loan services that are available. AusFinance caters to a variety of home loan seekers in Sydney and other parts of Australia. Through our experience, we have been able to figure out a recurring pattern of myths about loans from some of our happy

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