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When you have a home loan or a mortgage to pay off, everyone wants to think of ways that they can be relieved of it as early as possible. The quest is understandable considering the fact that the longer you have a loan to pay, the more of your precious dollars will have to be paid in interest to the lender. Not to mention the priceless feeling that a borrower experiences the day that the

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A variable interest rate home loan is a mortgage where the interest rate fluctuates over time in line with the rate set by the Reserve Bank according to the fiscal environment. This means that changes in the market and therefore in the official interest rate impacts the borrower directly with repayments increasing or decreasing accordingly. Choosing a variable interest rate over a fixed rate can be a confusing decision as there is never real certainty

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A real estate investment may involve purchasing, owning, managing, renting or selling a real estate property such as a commercial space or a residential property with the focus being on profit or for a return on investment over time. The real estate industry has potential for significant financial returns but also has risk attached to it, particularly if it is approached without fully understanding the market and the requirements for managing an investment property. Before

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