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Home Inspection checklist

A property inspection is one of the big hurdles to pass when you are buying a new house. Whether it’s a new home or an old one, there are often big or small issues and scope for improvement in terms of maintenance. Inspecting the home is an opportunity to understand the status of all the individual features of a property and you can use your observation to ask for maintenance before you agree to purchase,

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House Overpriced

Homeowners can value their house higher than what they’re worth for a few reasons. The seller could be starting at a higher price because they are expecting some bargaining. Another reason for an over inflated price could be the homeowner having an emotional attachment and are therefore over-valuing their home. It could also be the case that the home underwent costly renovations and the homeowner is trying to recoup this cost as a return on

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Low Interest Home Loan

The priority for any first time mortgage seeker is home loans with low interest rates and this reason is obvious to us all. The approach is justifiable and can potentially save a considerable amount of money for the borrower’s personal use over the life of the loan. Even if the mortgage is cheaper by 0.1%, it is likely that we will opt for that instinctively because of the amount of money this can save when

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