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Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud is the practice of falsifying the information submitted in home loan application documents. This is done in order to get approval for a mortgage or to borrow an amount exceeding the figure that using truthful information would allow. Misinterpreting and misguiding any data, facts or figures can be considered criminal activity and unethical behaviour and the mortgage industry offers no exception. Mortgage fraud can be categorized in multiple ways, such as: Occupancy fraud:

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Refinancing Mistakes

Refinancing a home loan is an act where a borrower takes out a new home loan either from the existing lender or a new lender with an expectation of getting a better loan deal. While the most likely objective of opting for a home loan refinance is to secure a better interest rate that will save on monthly repayments along with potentially reducing the life of loan, some borrowers end up in the opposite position

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Home Loan Health

What’s a Home Loan Health Check? Well we encounter this question when we remind our clients of it on a periodic basis. We diligently elaborate what it means and why it’s important for them. Considering its importance to anyone who has taken out a home loan, this post presents indicators when one should opt for a home loan health check along with explanations of what this process means for your financial wellbeing. What is a

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