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Architectural Digest’s Top 5 celebrity home tours

If we’re honest with ourselves, the likelihood of scoring an invite to Serena Williams’ Miami mansion in this lifetime is on par with scoring a point against her on a tennis court.

Celebrity home tours

That’s what makes Architectural Digest’s YouTube series, ‘Open Door’, so alluring. Who doesn’t love a celebrity home tour? Every episode offers a rare glimpse inside the abodes of some of the biggest names in entertainment, inflicting equal parts envy and dismay as we’re reminded that money can buy a lot of cool stuff, but never taste. Right, Scottie Pippen?

The whole series is seriously addictive, but here are five of the best doors to virtually knock on first.

Aaron Paul home

Aaron Paul

Jesse Pinkman really landed on his feet, didn’t he? The Breaking Bad star spent years searching for the perfect block of land to build his dream rustic mansion amidst the mountains. He and his wife settled on five wooded acres beside a river in his birth state of Idaho to create a 5-bedroom log-clad cabin that’d make Ernest Hemingway weak at the knees. Stone based fireplaces, bespoke furniture, animal antlers, and reclaimed wood fill the cosy yet costly space, and posting up for a smoked old-fashioned in Paul’s rustic home bar (right next to the home theatre and poker room, as you do) sounds like a pretty good way to cap off the night. Video here.

Lenny Kravitz home

Lenny Kravitz

From the second you press play on Lenny’s AD episode, you know you’re in for a ride, and not just because of the horse he’s straddling. Built on an 18th-century coffee plantation in Brazil, Lenny’s farm compound is somehow even cooler than you’d expect it to be. Guesthouses pepper the property, which also boasts a full-sized football field and a working farm that feeds everyone lucky enough to call it home. Effortlessly stylish, his home features bespoke pieces by local artisans as well as prized possessions like a vintage velvet chair from Andy Warhol. Video here.

Serena Williams home

Serena Williams

Living rooms are for commoners—just ask Serena Williams. In her recently acquired Miami mansion, the tennis superstar has forgone the traditional living space altogether, replacing it with an art gallery instead. Pieces from contemporary artists like Radcliffe Bailey and Brandon Marshall fill the space, while a small work by Serena herself also scores a coveted spot on the wall. But it’s the guided tour of her trophy room that makes this episode worth watching—she’s won so many grand slams that she can’t even remember when or where she won them, and when a second-place trophy sneaks its way onto the shelf, Serena has a few choice words for it. Video here.

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Dominic West home

Catherine FitzGerald + Dominic West

Actor Dominic West (McNulty in the Wire, Noah in the Affair) lives in his wife Catherine FitzGerald’s ancestral home, Glin Castle, in Ireland. This episode is so different from every other AD tour because of the deep history surrounding the property, which has been in Catherine’s family some 700 years. As you’re lead down stairways adorned with gold framed portraits of Kings and Queens and 10,000-year-old Irish elk skulls, you feel more like you’re inside a museum than a mansion. The grounds and gardens filled with apple orchids and pot marigolds deserve their own episode, and the couple’s charming back-and-forth banter will leave you wishing you could pop over for tea. Video here.

Scottie Pippen Home

Scottie Pippen

As one of the greatest basketball players of all time, Scottie Pippen has earned the right to buy a mega mansion complete with a wine cellar, movie theatre, and indoor basketball court. But by pressing play on the guided tour of this home he purchased in 2004 (and by the looks of it, never restyled) we have earned the right to critique his dated décor and befuddling enthusiasm for brown walls. In his defence (pun intended), Scottie mostly resides in LA now and only uses the Chicago mansion as a ‘vacation home’, but next time he flies into town someone better smuggle some paint swatches into his luggage. Jokes aside, the trip down memory lane as he explores his trophy cabinet is awesome, as is his obvious love for his kids, whom he talks about throughout the episode. Video here.

Celebrity home tours

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