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Winners of 2020 Architecture MasterPrize

We’re pretty lucky down here in Australia. We’ve been spared the worst of the pandemic and its consequences, and because of how well behaved we’ve all been, there’s no better place to be as summer sets in.

From inside this safe little haven we’ve established, it’s easy to forget about the world that exists outside of it. But it’s still there, and it’s looking prettier than ever. Want proof? The winners of this year’s Architecture MasterPrize. Founded by the Farmani Group, the AMP shines a light on the best architectural design worldwide. This month, they announced the winners from over 1,500 entries from 65 countries, and they are—excuse my French—très spectaculaire. Here are some of the best.


The vertical gardens cascading down Chippendale’s One Central Park are impressive and all—but it might be time we take a leaf out of Thailand’s architectural tome. Taking home top honours in the Landscape Design of the Year category, the Thammasat Urban Farm Rooftop in Bangkok spans 22,000 sq. m, making it the largest rooftop farm in Asia. Designed to combat climate impacts and reduce risk in urban flood and drought, this incredible feat of eco design boasts a solar roof, on-site water management, serene public spaces, and a roof designed to slow down water runoff, generate energy, and grow food for the University campus.


Coming in hot in the Commercial Architecture category, One Sino Park in Chongqing, China, is a sculptural masterpiece set into a cliffside surrounded by mountains. An absolute dream for the angle-enthused among us, the 3,000 sq. m structure spans four levels, and includes an exhibition space, swimming pool and health club, while heavily drawing inspiration from the fragmented, ‘deconstructivist’ style of design. Aoe architects, take a bow.


Lead by architect Zhao Wen for SHUISHI, this project in the town of Xu Xiake, Jiangyin City,
looks like it was designed with another planet in mind. The elevated exhibition centre also doubles as a sightseeing platform, creating a 360° viewing platform with a different view as you move. The futuristic form is described as “a place of experience without gates”, and the more you read about it, the more mesmerising it becomes.

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A winner in the green architecture category, the No Footprint House in Ojochal, a small village at the edge of the tropical rainforests along the South Pacific coast of Costa Rica, is pretty self-explanatory. Designed to blend with its natural surroundings and minimise the impact of construction on the environment it inhabits, this slatted splendour has been developed as a prototype for serial production. Add to cart.

CORK HOUSE, United Kingdom

Finally, for something completely different, this unique structure in Berkshire features
monolithic walls and corbelled roof pyramids made almost entirely from solid load-bearing cork. Its designers state that at its core, Cork House ‘is an attempt to radically simplify the building envelope.’ Carbon negative at completion and built by hand without mortar or glue, the whole building is designed to be disassembled so that every cork block can be reused. Devour more of the details on this one here.

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